Small shop based in Hawaiʻi

At Manu & Breeze, we are dedicated on producing non-toxic, sustainable dolls that are handmade using 100% premium cotton. Our hope is to represent Hawaiʻi and the Hawaiian culture through our growing collection of dolls. Stay tuned for more!

The Little Manu Collection

Our Little Manu Collection will be filled with our dolls that represent... 

  • Sustainable

    Made with 100% premium cotton.

  • Non-toxic & Safe

    Safety tested and made with OEKO-TEX certified materials.

  • Ethical

    Handmade and supports a fair trade income. 

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Our Story

The name Manu & Breeze, as well as the concept, was inspired by our two beautiful and imaginative children.

From the moment our family was created, we aspired to form a non-toxic lifestyle. We spent countless of hours scouring the internet in search of healthier alternatives, including dolls and toys for our little ones. When we found it limited, we decided to launch Manu & Breeze. 

As parents who are raising children that are native Hawaiian, it's important for us to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture as well highlight the indigenous and endemic plants and flowers that play a huge role in Hawaiʻi's ecosystem. The endemic flowers that our dolls adorn are found only in Hawaiʻi.